Terms and Conditions for participation in Pitch your Project

1. General

These terms and conditions of Dr. Falk Pharma Benelux B.V. (hereinafter “the Organiser”) apply to Pitch your Project. An initiative organised by the Organiser, possibly in cooperation with third parties.

Participation in Pitch your Project implies acceptance of the terms and conditions.

For any questions or comments about the terms and conditions or the campaign, please contact the Organiser.

2. Participation and participants

Participation will be open to any natural person, with the exclusion of the Organiser's employees, affiliated companies, or suppliers.

To be able to register, participants will have to complete an application form.

The submitted project should aim to promote scientific knowledge in the field of inflammatory bowel disease or cholestatic liver disease.

The project cannot be financed from regular funding.

A video pitch, up to one minute in duration, should be used to submit the project via the website www.pitchyourproject.be.

The Organiser will be entitled to exclude participants from the campaign if it appears that the participant has provided incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information or is otherwise committing or attempting to commit fraud.

3. Video pitch

The video pitch can be up to one minute in duration and should contain the following information:

Name and position


Name of the project

Description of the project

The reason why financial support should be awarded to precisely this project.

4. Result and Prize Award

An impartial independent scientific committee will select the three finalists from the participants.

The independent scientific committee will select the three finalists on the basis of fixed criteria.

The selected video pitches will then be shown on the Pitch your Project website.

Visitors to the website can vote for one of these three selected projects. Only voters with a RIZIV/Inami registration number can vote.

The project with the most votes will be eligible for the financial support. In the event of an equal number of votes, the independent scientific committee will decide which project will ultimately be selected for financial support.

Results are not open to discussion.

The winner agrees by participation that they are willing to participate in promotional activities in connection with the campaign, including the award ceremony. The Organiser may use any photographs for publicity purposes.

An agreement will be drawn up for the financial support. Before the agreement is established, the project and financial support will be tested against current legislation and regulations, including the Mdeon Code of Conduct.

5. Technical Provisions

The participant will be responsible for adequate facilities (such as telecommunication facilities) to participate in the campaign.

The Organiser cannot guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted operation of its website(s) or services. Despite the greatest possible care being taken by the Organiser in managing the website, the representation may be incomplete or incorrect.